Fanlocks 2.0 - Black & Silver

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Fanlocks 2.0 - Black & Silver

SKU: F2-54-55-01-63-00
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Get Wild, Let Loose and Have a Blast!
Customize your game day look and stand out from the average boring fan.  FANLOCKS turns heads of not only fellow fans, but the players on the field.  
Get Noticed and ROCK FANLOCKS!
  • Headband and Dreads
  • Compatible with other hats, caps and headgear
  • Unisex
  • One size fits most
  • Material: Merino Wool Dreads, Cotton Blend Cap
  • Wash By Hand 

How to Style Fanlocks 2.0 Headband Style Dreads for the Best Possible Fit.

How to style fanlocks dreadlocks headband

For best fit and comfort, refer to the following tips:

1. Gently pull the front row of locks toward the front of the cap, freeing them from the Velcro on the back edge of cap.

2. We suggest you now put the cap on your head so that you can fit the full depth of the cap.

3. While wearing the cap, begin with the center-front dreadlocks and lay them back over the top of the cap. Doing so will cover the cap and allow you to fasten them by pressing the wool locks onto the Velcro.

4. Continue laying the locks back working your way to the edge of the cap. 

5. If you prefer a more “styled” look, you can take the first (lower) dreadlock on each side and tie them in the back with a rubber band or hair tie. This will help train the locks to form to your head and lay properly.

Styling Fanlocks football dreads headband

Fans Love Fanlocks!

I Love ❤️ Them!! Order Some I definitely Recommend!!

Fanlocks Dreadlocks Hat Testimonial
Duane G.
Green Bay, WI

We LOVE our Fanlocks! Especially since we both cheer for different teams. Always get a lot of attention when we wear our dreads to basketball games. So Fun!

Milwaukee Bucks Dreadlocks Hat
Chad S.
Phoenix, AZ

Awesome product and had a ton of compliments all day! 👍 

Packers Dreadlocks hat - Fanlocks Testimonial
Joe W.
Plainfield, IL

I freaking love these!!! I have a set for every team I cheer for. My sister was in Cancer Treatment and they provided hers at no charge. Great company and a great product. I can't say enough about them.

Orange Dreadlocks fan hat - Fanlocks Testimonial
North Carolina